What is this machine?

This server conducts Internet research scans from the University of Colorado using the ZMap Internet scanner.

Through our research, we send harmless probes to many or all hosts on the Internet, in order to measure what protocols, ports, and services are offered by Internet hosts at large. We do not attempt to login to any services, and we attempt to rate limit our probes to avoid overloading other resources.

What kind of data is collected?

This research collects information that is already public and accessible on the Internet by anyone. We collect this data in order to study the security and availability of deployed Internet systems. This kind of data can be used to study widespread vulnerabilities on the Internet, and can be used to inform system administrators of best practices or of potentially harmful misconfigurations.

What if I don't want to receive such probes?

You can easily add our IP address ( to your own firewall, and block our scanning probes. Alternatively, you may email us at scan-admin@colorado.edu to opt out of our scanning, or ask further questions you may have.